The Ultimate Cup of Coffee

Having sat in many a patrol car, from Plymouth Furies and Ford Crown Victorias to my favorite the venerable Chevrolet Caprice I have always been on the lookout for the ultimate cup of coffee. Granted due to the hours and sometimes non-optimal locations of precinct assignments you inevitably settle for the local battery acid or brown colored tepid water in a styrofoam cup. I hate to admit it but there were times I was happy to even get that. On that rare occasion when you get to sit down to an uninterrupted meal at your favorite diner with your favorite smart ass waitress and you get a fresh steaming hot cup of coffee, it can be one of those moments that the enlightened speak of. The look of it with just the right amount of fresh cream, the feel of that thick hot mug in your hand, the aroma of that strong and powerful roast- HEAVEN! If you drink coffee I am sure you have had a similar experience at your local Starbucks, Duncan Donuts or 7-11. Well that moment is what lead me to search out the Ultimate Cup if Coffee. When u found it, it was so good that I decided I was going to share it with you. Visit and try it yourself. It will not disappoint you. Remember always practice safe coffee drinking I wouldn’t want to see a repeat of the McDonald’s incident.


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Veterans Murdered


It’s bad enough the make believe drug dealing “doctors” prescribing deadly medications are trolling your neighborhood for children and veterans to hook on mind altering drugs but when they start getting unsuspecting or even unknowing celebrities to participate, it infuriates me. Case in point: my wife and I go down to help out at John Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen and in the window( probably unknown to him) is this poster from a psyche hospital looking for our Heroes. This poorly vailed offer to help is an insult to brave men and women of our country and one of New Jerseys hometown favorites Jon Bon Jovi. Here are some facts; There is no chemical test for any so called chemical imbalance. There is absolutely no scientific evidence of any of there mental disorders which by the way now include Infantile sleeping disorder and infantile eating disorder, both of which are treated with psyche drugs. More United States Soldiers are dying from suicide than combatbh since they infiltrated the military. The US military will not accept you if you are on these mind altering drugs but they are prescribed like candy to soldiers as routine when leaving the service. This is CRIMINAL. There are tens of thousand of psychiatric drug deaths reported without one cure after billions spent. Please see for yourself what is going on here. Visit for the truth and help expose these quacks for what they are. Marc Cosentino



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Meeting, listening and talking with fellow internet entrepreneurs at the recent protest against SOPA in mid-town Manhattan I realized how dangerous this legislation can be. One of the most fundamental rights we enjoy in this country is Freedom of Speech. This is the god given and expected right that many brave men fought for and many brave men and women died for. Our country was founded on this innate understanding and desire to speak ones mind and opinion freely without consequence and the fear of reprisal from an all powerful and oppressive government. It is never and has never been acceptable to punish all people in an effort to handle the one criminal. This is why we have courts of law and the right to a speedy trial( which NDAA may subvert). The reason why the whole population of earth dreams of coming to America is FREEDOM and the ability to pursue ones desires, succeed or fail on ones own ability. The idea that any one can just arbitrarily decide my companies fate and my own is appalling and strikes at my very pride in being an American. Any reduction of our liberties in any direction from any quarter is unacceptable and in truth un-American. What we do here and now will determine not only our own future but the future of those yet to be born. The right to knowledge is very important and must be protected. Information and truth must never be permitted to be controlled by the few in the manipulation of the many. Truth is more powerful than any weapon and will inevitably set us free. Marc Cosentino



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It is a never ending source of fascination to look around NYC. The visual scenery changes from neighborhood to neighborhood and even from street to street. In a world of Facebook, SEO, Internet, google and cell phones you can overlook a lot of old school promotion and marketing. Personally I love gorilla art, marketing and film making. It’s raw and alive and dangerous. You can’t ignore it unless your head is buried in your iPhone but why should you? It grabs your attention and forces you to acknowledge it and think about the artist or company involved. The only draw back is the limited audience unlike websites and the Internet which has the potential to reach any one on earth. What is your view on this? Best wishes Marc



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Standing on the corner of 34th street outside Macy’s department store I looked up as I turned the corner and had my attention caught by yet another scantily dressed woman in NYC. This time she was plastered in the lighted window as part of a Christmas display for Victoria’s Secret. My how things have changed since I was kid and Santa was selling Coke and cigarettes. Being a man I couldn’t help but notice the photo and I thought ” man can it be that simple?” I guess so when you realize that number one use of the Internet is for porno. The society has a basic reality and the marketers who understand this point and how to actually utilize it have an incredible advantage. The product can then be sold or pitched to the prospect with an understanding of what your potential customer wants and is willing to accept. This will bring results instead of wasting valuable dollars on messages and promotion that gets lost in wind. Marc Cosentino


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I was walking in NYC yesterday and came upon this image posted on a wall. Something about it communicated to me so I stopped to shoot it. I love the idea of being able to communicate freely and easily. I remember when we started Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza(which grew across the country) it was not so easy to get attention and reach a big audience. I have been thinking in terms of visual, emotional and creative images to make effects since my first daydream about opening a restaurant. We were in a predominately Italian neighborhood with an overload of pizzerias. Most of my own friends that were fellow NYPD officers thought I was crazy(the jury is still out) to even try.
We knew we would have to do a lot of wild and different things to even get noticed. Some of them were: tug of wars in front of the restaurant with a giant(100 lb. ) dough ball, 40ft. high billboards on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway featuring a fresh braided crust pizza with the caption “NOT GETTING ENOUGH LATELY” Handing out 1000,s of slices of free pizza, a giant lighted blimp from the top of one of our stores and so on and so on…
Today all you have to do is use the internet. Take some creative photos, write some copy and post away. Although all the hard work, preparation and experience was priceless, you don’t have to expend as much time, energy and $$$ to get noticed. Millions of people are waiting for you to connect with them. The trick now is to get them to look. Happy promoting. Marc Cosentino


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Lady Ga Ga performing for New Years Eve in Times Square is inspirational. As the owner of a business like Expanding Marketing I am always thinking of ways to promote. When I can promote and have fun I feel like I have achieved the ultimate synergy. The following press release is an example. It started off with idea of “creating a buzz” at Goodfella’s on a Friday night. I started with the idea after seeing photos of Ga Ga with the queen and her outrageous clothing and make up. I started talking about it which got my staff and customers into it, then I started assembling the the ingredients which included promoting to the girls at the local supermarket who in turn started to talk about it and send people in to Goodfella’s to see this creation. I made it into a big affair at a table set up right where you walk in so that every customer would see it. Then I made a big show of trial and error and asking opinions of people during the process as i assembled my “creation” and spoke about getting Ga Ga to see it and try our Pizza one day. I had the Ga GA Pizza on display for a while as people came in to see this and photograph it. It was a lot of fun and along with winning contests, constant marketing and promotion ideas we became wildly famous and incredibly successful. Persistence and creativity are key to making an impact in the market and after years of promoting the idea of a Goodfella’s TV show there is finally one being filmed about the Goodfella’s Pizza School. So keep promoting!

Press Release: 14 December 2009
For Immediate Release

Lady Ga Ga Takes Over Goodfella’s Pizza

To say the owner of Goodfella’s (2009 International Pizza Expo Champions) from Staten Island New York is obsessed is to put it lightly. Not only has he been playing her music non-stop against his Frank Sinatra loving customers complaints but he even has what appears to be her image emblazoned on his “Special Delivery” Ford Mustang. Marc Cosentino said” It’s just an infatuation and I got hooked dancing to her latest hits with my 6 year old daughter Lily. I think Lady Ga Ga is an incredible Icon and ranks along with rocks greats. She really knows how to create an effect”. His latest creation in her honor is a Ricotta pizza that features; red suger eye shadow, kalamata olive eyes, black licorice eye lashes and fresh red pepper lips. Now that he immortalized her in pizzza he hopes the rest of his dream will come true where he is serving the star his famous Vodka Pie!

Contact info:
Goodfella’s Pizza 718-987-2422


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The horrible and tragic murder of police officer Peter Figoski is a loss for all the people of NYC and America. Why is it so upsetting that the murder of a man I never had the honor of meeting would have such an emotional effect on me. I asked myself this and I thought of many reasons but what stands out to me most is the upset in my friends eyes. Police officers that have served many years with pride and integrity, men who have seen and endured situations and pain on a daily basis that your average person would talk about for years. The disrespect given to these brave men and women from all areas of society is disgusting; the public and politicians who dare compare their work and salaries with any other private or civil service job and complain about the benefits or salary makes me want to puke.
How many of those jobs require you to strap on a bullet resistant vest and firearm? How many times has the wife or husband of an office worker swallowed hard as they kissed their loved one goodbye with a sneaking suspicion that they might not return? How many times have these whining, petty, jealous civilians had their child cling to their leg with tears running down his face pleading ” daddy please don’t go, I don’t want you to die ” because the child just watched the news and how many nightmares did that child wake to? How many holidays did that 9-5 office worker miss because he had to stand in the rain and cold on Christmas, New Years, 4th of July and every other holiday? What is it like to know the guy or girl you are standing next to may not be there tomorrow because he may be killed responding to a routine job? What is it like to wonder if you will make the right decision in the inevitable life and death situations you will encounter? If some judge or jury will take your freedom because you made a mistake? What does it feel like to know that because you actively do something you put your job on the line because someone may not like the trouble you caused by investigating or actualy doing something? How about the responsibility to your partner for his life and safety? What about his wife or kids if you make the ultimate mistake? My thoughts are with every single police officer, their families and friends. The reminder of our own mortality and accompanying emotions are real. What we allow this to do to us or what we decide to do as a result of this tragedy makes all the difference and defines each individual. May god help us make good decisions and guide our actions in a posive way like being a little kinder to our acquaintances and keeping the honor of this hero alive.
By Marc Cosentino


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Joe is a true sports legend and has been an inspiration to me since he won the gold meddle with a broken thumb on his punching hand. He was the epitome of Heart. No matter what was thrown at him by Mohamed Ali , he just kept coming, a real life Rocky from Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of meeting him and shaking those massive scar covered hands. It was when I was  just a body double for Andy Garcia on the set of -The Yards. What impressed me most about Joe Frazier the World Champion was  his graciousness. He treated me and every person on that set as if  they were as important as any star or celebrity. He made people feel important and that is something I will always admire and respect about that genuine human being. I wish him well on his journey and salute him for his accomplishments. Marc Cosentino

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Hot Rods, America’s only true sport.


Hot Rodding gets in your blood. I have never met anyone who didn’t have at least a mild interest in cars. And truth be told I have never seen anyone ignore a well executed hot rod, vintage muscle car, classic or sleek sports car as it cruised by with it’s subtle or not so subtle clues. Some had the glint of sparkling chrome off a freshly waxed bumper with the blinding reflection of the sun signaling the arrival of a 57 Chevy or a 69 Dodge. Others had the unmistakable silhouette of a Shelby Cobra or a Split Window Corvette. Then there was that low ground shaking lope of a roller cammed Hemi idling by as it turned on some primal yearning for power and speed. Still there was the bright, shiny and wild colors of paint screaming ” Look at me” like the fist time I witness a candy apple red paint job reflected in the sun. The pleasure I would get from just cruising my 71 Chevy Nova through the streets to waves and thumbs up was a genuine connection with people who had deep understanding of what it means be a Hot Rodder or a just longing for simpler times and the genuine  pleasure of the open road with it’s promise of Freedom. I think that really is the attraction for this boy. The adventure of new places  with the understanding that anywhere you go, you have arrived at a place with an opening to the lives and stories of others because everybody has a car story.

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