Psych drugs for nausea?


Just out of curiosity I took a look at the prescription that was given to my 79 year old friend the other day. She was suffering from nausea from  medical side effects. Something didn’t sound right about this drug so I looked it up on the net and found out it was a psych drug  for mental disorders. I don’t know if this is off label marketing but it just isn’t right!  Several months ago another friends was taking several “pain” medications and when I checked  (because he was having trouble thinking clearly) all 3 turned out to be psychotropic drugs. Then while a family member was recovering from surgery a nurse came over with a pill for him to take.  Offended that I would dare ask a question, she was doubly offended when I said ” how dare you give this to someone without even informing them what it is.” The reason I say this as a former police officer is that this seems CRIMINAL to me. What do you think?

Posted on Routine Patrol.

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1 Response to Psych drugs for nausea?

  1. Barbara says:

    You did good. If more people asked questions this insanity would stop!

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