Marriage, family, friends, hometown, state, country and world. Why Human Rights?


The basic desires, wants  and needs are not very different from person to person, town to town and country to country. Most people are willing to live and let live and moreover most people I have met are willing to go the extra mile to help others, even total strangers.
   This being said why is it that there is so much pain and suffering being caused by such a minority of people(governments) ? How did we allow such petty tyrants with no concern for their own people, let alone people of different cultures, to get into positions of such power and control? What do we do to prevent this from continuing to occur?
   One idea I have is to insist on Human Rights as the first and foremost priority in all governments of earth by all governments of earth. This would require all of us to get educated in our Human Rights as a first step. The second step would be that we insist on others getting educated and actually doing what we can to ensure our schools start a program for this and our leaders are not only made aware of these rights but are tested-that’s correct-tested on these rights and swear to uphold them as a condition of employment as a public servant.
   I honestly believe if all of us worldwide would do just this the entire history and future of earth would be successfully changed for the better.
  Truly, what could any one argue with this? Only the most cowardly with a hidden agenda would oppose this idea and refuse to be held accountable for violating Human Rights.
   Let’s do this!

Posted on Routine Patrol.

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