Times Square NY, Hot Dogs, Hustlers, Giuliani and Bums.




As the crowds rush by and the tourists snap photos I realize how lucky I am to be in the single greatest destination on earth. My friend John has been selling hot dogs on this same corner since around 1980  and has become a fixture on the corner of 46th and Broadway. He endured the drugs, prostitutes, pimps and hustlers. We laugh as the king of 3 card monte (a popular street con) stops by for drink and dog on his way to his  now “legitimate” job. We have pondered existence on this corner for decades while enjoying the savory delights of “dirty water dogs” as they are affectionately known here in the big apple and I truly apreciate how fortunate I am to know him.
I can’t help but resist the urge to kick myself remembering Rudy Giuliani asking me to bring my famous Vodka Pie and Goodfella’s Pizza to what he was promoting to do with this degraded area.  I thought he was crazy and that nothing could revitalize this crack infested War Zone. I remember stopping a robbery at knife point after being propositioned by both ladies, men and others, stepping over and around bums and being offered “crack! crack! Smoke! Smoke ” on my way to church. No way on hell is he he gonna fix this mess.  Man was I wrong!  Not only did he clean up the dealers, massage parlors, prostitutes, pimps and hustlers but saved this entire area from a fate worse than death. Children are out in droves with their families, brides and grooms frequent the area for photo ops and I feel safe without my gun. Another missed business opportunity but I am eternally thankful to Rudy for what he did here. I love this town!

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1 Response to Times Square NY, Hot Dogs, Hustlers, Giuliani and Bums.

  1. Pete V. says:

    John is completely a fixture in Times Square. I gave him a Greek Scn Overview DVD about a year ago. We always have a friendly nod for each other and sometimes a chat.

    Yep, Times Square has come up a long ways from it’s long degraded plunge. Now, if we can get rid of the ticket scalpers…

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