Censorship. Whose job is it to police the internet?


Several months ago I was watching a show while exercising that seemed to have a fairly simple premise ” what do people think about the incident in Tienimen Square 15 yrs ago and how has it effected them”.  It started fairly direct. The person brought photos of the youth that stood in front of the communist tank in total defiance( called tank man) during a rebellion in which hundreds of unarmed people were shot in the back and killed.
Nobody in the area of the incident at the same school heard of it or recognized the incident. Not only that but a search of the internet came up with nothing of it-the communists had erased history with a specialy designed program to sensor what they felt was inappropriate. Bad as this is, it was engineered by American companies-Google, Cisco and yahoo. The congressman investigating this crime against freedom was outraged as all of us should be. Now there is a bill COICA 2.0 before congress that allows the censoring of certain sites and the denial of access. This in effect is book burning at its worst as you don’t even get to know which books are being burned. The dangers of an Orwellian society controlled by ” thought police” is so beyond offensive to me as American that it boils my blood. What are your views? Do we have human rights?

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4 Responses to Censorship. Whose job is it to police the internet?

  1. Pete V. says:

    While the gov’t and their psychiatric henchmen are hard at work pouring billions of dollars into the dumbing down of America’s children (‘the future of our country’), they are simultaneously eroding our freedoms, stealthily. The internet should be kept free of government regulation, except where the law is actually broken as in copyright infringements. Otherwise they should stay out of it.

  2. Diane McCloskey says:

    I also believe the internet should be unregulated/uncensored, whatever. “Change the channel” if you don’t like it, put parental controls on if you don’t want your kids on certain sites–that’s personal regulation of what gets looked at. But who really can please all the people all the time and why give any one group that right? Let the people decide and let’s just keep working on making the planet saner so all the nonsense falls along the wayside.

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