The ” End of the World”, Apocalypse and Judgement Day.


Could this just be a metaphor signifying the degraded state of our planet? The violence, natural catastrophes, human rights abuses, drugs, blatant abuses of office, rewarding of immoral low lifes with television shows, banking, government and perverted art?
  Or has the electronic age just made it easier and more apparent?  We are bombarded with bad news from every angle; TV, radio, internet, news papers and facebook. Kids are not immune and are hit from different directions, insane killing video games, music videos that used to be classified as rated R or X just a few short years ago. The thing that is missing is kindness. Simple human kindness, it’s not even taught any more and sadly enough I admit that I not only don’t expect it  but am almost speechless when I do encounter it.  This is just a microcosm of world affairs. When was the last time you witnessed genuine interest from a politician instead of self interest or worse yet self importance. Who will set the example for the world? I don’t think guys like the Dali Lama or Nelson Mandela can do it alone. Teachers are not even allowed to teach morals in NYC public schools any more. Who is going to do it? Congressmen with secret families-I doubt it. The sad part is that it has gotten so bad that even the truly decent hard working people are throwing up their hands in disgust. Well guess what? The old saying (as many old sayings are) is true ” If your not part of the solution then you are part of the problem”. Sorry to have to remind you if your not thinking with this. You can do something about it. You do matter. And the hell with any one who tells you differently or to not even try. They are not your friend!  And allowing your ” friends” to drag you down, make you apathetic or engage in acts you know are wrong will not only degrade you but your ” friend” and ultimately the whole lot of us. So next time you see something wrong do something, say something or minimally don’t encourage it. Set a good example and be part of the solution.

Posted on Routine Patrol.

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