United States Veterans, once a hero always ready to protect and defend America.





The young men and women who decided to enlist and take the oath of an ” American Soldier” are a special breed. The pride and accomplishment of helping defend a country and people who believe in Freedom never goes away or diminishes. The sight of “Old Glory” waving in front your neighbors house, the post office, painted on a building or car always makes me smile. Nationalism took on a new and special meaning when we formed the United States of America to combat tyranny and it’s subsequent abuses. Why is this country the destination for millions? Even though they proud of their heritage and home lands, they left it behind to come to the land of opportunity and Freedom. The concept and ideals of our constitution is what brings them here. It is what they demand as citizens and despite complaints there is not a long list or waiting line of people trying to leave this country. I think of this because I was talking to Duane ” Smokey” Jackson yesterday and thanking him again for preventing that sick little terrorist from bombing Times Square NY, a location next to my church where my family and friends walk past every day. He is a humble guy who days he was ” just doing what any body else world have done”. Except no one else did it. Literally tens of thousands of people walking by and he noticed the van and did something about it. When I told my 7 year old fighter this story without any hesitation she said “I have to hug that guy”.I I How many times has a man of this character stepped up to prevent someone from breaking into your house, robbing your mother, attacking your child and it was never even known?  Cops, firemen and veterans do this every day of their lives, on duty, off duty, alone or with their families in harms way. If you don’t appreciate that fact it’s ok because it’s your right “not to give a damn” they will defend but god damn you if you disrespect these heroes and god help you if you do it in front of the wrong guy-maybe someone like me who knows their value. God Bless America!

Posted on Routine Patrol.

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