Obama and his wonderful health care has just taken a huge step in the destruction of our children and the the future of America.  In one of our countries worst economic situations the administration sees fit to give $ 500, 000, 000 that’s right 1/2 a billion dollars to study and diagnose children from 0-5 years of age so that they can sit still in kindergarten likely obedient robots. Coincidently, this is where the biggest growth segment for prescribing and selling psychotropic drugs happens to be. Now I don’t know about you but don’t you think this money could have been spent on, education, small business, the Arts, job incentives or flushed down the toilet instead? The psychiatric Diagnostic and Statistic Manual is a hoax by their own admission. There are absolutely no chemical tests and no physical evidence to identify any mental “disease”. And who would listen to such a criminal group that condones electro shock or lobotomy as a cure? Every body docile, quiet and  subserviant is not what America stands for, this reeks of something too gruesome to think about and is actually undermining our freedom.  I implore you my friends to please do something. Being an infant( temper dysregulaton and feeding disorder) is not mental disease! This would be funny if children were not being injured and killed everyday by this depraved group that has set itself up as an authority in our lives. Visit for the truth.

Posted on Routine Patrol.

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