Calling all cars! Drug pushing in local maternity ward, please check and advise.

This may sound ludicrous however it is true. Thanks to a 1/2 billion dollar Federal
grant to; psych studies, diagnosis and treatment of 0-3 year olds (yes even in this miserable economy we are pissing away hundreds of millions on make believe “doctors”  with made up mental “disorders”.)  A prominent case that actually made it to the NY Times on 15 February 2007 was an article titled Debate Over Children and Psychiatric Drugs, the horror of medicating a 2 year old  child resulting in her overdose and death brings it home as to just how evil and insidious these blatant drug pushers are getting. Childhood is not a disease, nor are these quacks even doctors. A society of dull, obedient, compliant, unoriginal, psychiatric drug induced biochemical well mannered puppies is the goal and inevitable result of this drug pushing machine. The fact that billions of dollars are being made on this with a great portion from your tax dollars should make you sick. This is blood money! Visit for more info

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