Thanks from the NYPD. Chief Diaz retires after 41 years.





Chief Ray Diaz is one of the most dedicated and hardest workers I  have ever met. No sick days, no watching the clock at the end of tour just doing the right thing by his own personal standards. No one held a gun to his head to work so hard and no one ever expected such a dedication and care.  He has his own standards which are high enough. Two time purple heart recipient fighting for his country as a young Marine in Vietnam during  some of the heaviest action. I have personally watched him run into gunfire to help the officers of his platoon as a young lieutenant in the NYPD 25 years ago. He had the patience and graciousness of a saint and believe me, I tested them as young officer. At his “walk out” (last day of his career) Police Commissioner Kelly went on and on about his great work on various commands and especially taking over the 70 Pct. at a very low point and turning it around through hard work and involvement with the community.  Then it was Ray’s departing speech which was one of praise for the NYPD and the great people in his life who helped and guided him. By the hundreds of guys who jammed in like sardines to wish him well you knew they cared. In all the years I have known him I have never heard anyone speak ill of him and have never seen him do something mean or malicious. In a job of super egos he didn’t have one. But the thing that gets me most is that the NY News couldn’t even give him a page. 41 years, 3 Star Chief decorated soldier and hero but a small blip in a paper that devotes pages to the vile, degraded, criminals and “famous celebrities or sports figures” who have never put their lives in jeopardy for anyone, risked their freedom and careers to do their job or stood for anything but themselves. Something is so wrong with this society and our values are being lowered and corrupted by the low standards we accept.  It is no wonder that people look down on police when the life of someone like this goes un acknowledged.

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