The horrible and tragic murder of police officer Peter Figoski is a loss for all the people of NYC and America. Why is it so upsetting that the murder of a man I never had the honor of meeting would have such an emotional effect on me. I asked myself this and I thought of many reasons but what stands out to me most is the upset in my friends eyes. Police officers that have served many years with pride and integrity, men who have seen and endured situations and pain on a daily basis that your average person would talk about for years. The disrespect given to these brave men and women from all areas of society is disgusting; the public and politicians who dare compare their work and salaries with any other private or civil service job and complain about the benefits or salary makes me want to puke.
How many of those jobs require you to strap on a bullet resistant vest and firearm? How many times has the wife or husband of an office worker swallowed hard as they kissed their loved one goodbye with a sneaking suspicion that they might not return? How many times have these whining, petty, jealous civilians had their child cling to their leg with tears running down his face pleading ” daddy please don’t go, I don’t want you to die ” because the child just watched the news and how many nightmares did that child wake to? How many holidays did that 9-5 office worker miss because he had to stand in the rain and cold on Christmas, New Years, 4th of July and every other holiday? What is it like to know the guy or girl you are standing next to may not be there tomorrow because he may be killed responding to a routine job? What is it like to wonder if you will make the right decision in the inevitable life and death situations you will encounter? If some judge or jury will take your freedom because you made a mistake? What does it feel like to know that because you actively do something you put your job on the line because someone may not like the trouble you caused by investigating or actualy doing something? How about the responsibility to your partner for his life and safety? What about his wife or kids if you make the ultimate mistake? My thoughts are with every single police officer, their families and friends. The reminder of our own mortality and accompanying emotions are real. What we allow this to do to us or what we decide to do as a result of this tragedy makes all the difference and defines each individual. May god help us make good decisions and guide our actions in a posive way like being a little kinder to our acquaintances and keeping the honor of this hero alive.
By Marc Cosentino


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