Standing on the corner of 34th street outside Macy’s department store I looked up as I turned the corner and had my attention caught by yet another scantily dressed woman in NYC. This time she was plastered in the lighted window as part of a Christmas display for Victoria’s Secret. My how things have changed since I was kid and Santa was selling Coke and cigarettes. Being a man I couldn’t help but notice the photo and I thought ” man can it be that simple?” I guess so when you realize that number one use of the Internet is for porno. The society has a basic reality and the marketers who understand this point and how to actually utilize it have an incredible advantage. The product can then be sold or pitched to the prospect with an understanding of what your potential customer wants and is willing to accept. This will bring results instead of wasting valuable dollars on messages and promotion that gets lost in wind. Marc Cosentino


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