Meeting, listening and talking with fellow internet entrepreneurs at the recent protest against SOPA in mid-town Manhattan I realized how dangerous this legislation can be. One of the most fundamental rights we enjoy in this country is Freedom of Speech. This is the god given and expected right that many brave men fought for and many brave men and women died for. Our country was founded on this innate understanding and desire to speak ones mind and opinion freely without consequence and the fear of reprisal from an all powerful and oppressive government. It is never and has never been acceptable to punish all people in an effort to handle the one criminal. This is why we have courts of law and the right to a speedy trial( which NDAA may subvert). The reason why the whole population of earth dreams of coming to America is FREEDOM and the ability to pursue ones desires, succeed or fail on ones own ability. The idea that any one can just arbitrarily decide my companies fate and my own is appalling and strikes at my very pride in being an American. Any reduction of our liberties in any direction from any quarter is unacceptable and in truth un-American. What we do here and now will determine not only our own future but the future of those yet to be born. The right to knowledge is very important and must be protected. Information and truth must never be permitted to be controlled by the few in the manipulation of the many. Truth is more powerful than any weapon and will inevitably set us free. Marc Cosentino



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