Veterans Murdered


It’s bad enough the make believe drug dealing “doctors” prescribing deadly medications are trolling your neighborhood for children and veterans to hook on mind altering drugs but when they start getting unsuspecting or even unknowing celebrities to participate, it infuriates me. Case in point: my wife and I go down to help out at John Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen and in the window( probably unknown to him) is this poster from a psyche hospital looking for our Heroes. This poorly vailed offer to help is an insult to brave men and women of our country and one of New Jerseys hometown favorites Jon Bon Jovi. Here are some facts; There is no chemical test for any so called chemical imbalance. There is absolutely no scientific evidence of any of there mental disorders which by the way now include Infantile sleeping disorder and infantile eating disorder, both of which are treated with psyche drugs. More United States Soldiers are dying from suicide than combatbh since they infiltrated the military. The US military will not accept you if you are on these mind altering drugs but they are prescribed like candy to soldiers as routine when leaving the service. This is CRIMINAL. There are tens of thousand of psychiatric drug deaths reported without one cure after billions spent. Please see for yourself what is going on here. Visit for the truth and help expose these quacks for what they are. Marc Cosentino



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