The Ultimate Cup of Coffee

Having sat in many a patrol car, from Plymouth Furies and Ford Crown Victorias to my favorite the venerable Chevrolet Caprice I have always been on the lookout for the ultimate cup of coffee. Granted due to the hours and sometimes non-optimal locations of precinct assignments you inevitably settle for the local battery acid or brown colored tepid water in a styrofoam cup. I hate to admit it but there were times I was happy to even get that. On that rare occasion when you get to sit down to an uninterrupted meal at your favorite diner with your favorite smart ass waitress and you get a fresh steaming hot cup of coffee, it can be one of those moments that the enlightened speak of. The look of it with just the right amount of fresh cream, the feel of that thick hot mug in your hand, the aroma of that strong and powerful roast- HEAVEN! If you drink coffee I am sure you have had a similar experience at your local Starbucks, Duncan Donuts or 7-11. Well that moment is what lead me to search out the Ultimate Cup if Coffee. When u found it, it was so good that I decided I was going to share it with you. Visit and try it yourself. It will not disappoint you. Remember always practice safe coffee drinking I wouldn’t want to see a repeat of the McDonald’s incident.


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