Goodbye Whitney Houston

One of the most talented singers with a voice of incredible range has taken leave of this mortal coil. I actually had the pleasure of “singing” with her many years ago. I was sitting in a diner between scenes as an extra and feeling great watching Denzel Washington being directed by Penny Marshal on the set of The Preachers Wife. I started singing a Beatles song when a woman on the other side of the room started singing along with me. I looked over and it was Whitney Houston with biggest,brightest smile. She looked at me and in the sweetest little girl voice said “are you singing the same song as me?” I looked at her, and the rest of the room full of people, smiled and said” No mam, I am finished singing for today.” In the grand scheme of things it was not much of a duet but I can honestly say that I’ve sung with one of the greatest singers of all time and am glad to have had the honor of doing so.


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