Joe is a true sports legend and has been an inspiration to me since he won the gold meddle with a broken thumb on his punching hand. He was the epitome of Heart. No matter what was thrown at him by Mohamed Ali , he just kept coming, a real life Rocky from Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of meeting him and shaking those massive scar covered hands. It was when I was  just a body double for Andy Garcia on the set of -The Yards. What impressed me most about Joe Frazier the World Champion was  his graciousness. He treated me and every person on that set as if  they were as important as any star or celebrity. He made people feel important and that is something I will always admire and respect about that genuine human being. I wish him well on his journey and salute him for his accomplishments. Marc Cosentino

Posted on Routine Patrol.

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  1. Gil says:

    Very touching sentiments. Mr Frazier will always be my inspiration.

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