Lady Ga Ga performing for New Years Eve in Times Square is inspirational. As the owner of a business like Expanding Marketing I am always thinking of ways to promote. When I can promote and have fun I feel like I have achieved the ultimate synergy. The following press release is an example. It started off with idea of “creating a buzz” at Goodfella’s on a Friday night. I started with the idea after seeing photos of Ga Ga with the queen and her outrageous clothing and make up. I started talking about it which got my staff and customers into it, then I started assembling the the ingredients which included promoting to the girls at the local supermarket who in turn started to talk about it and send people in to Goodfella’s to see this creation. I made it into a big affair at a table set up right where you walk in so that every customer would see it. Then I made a big show of trial and error and asking opinions of people during the process as i assembled my “creation” and spoke about getting Ga Ga to see it and try our Pizza one day. I had the Ga GA Pizza on display for a while as people came in to see this and photograph it. It was a lot of fun and along with winning contests, constant marketing and promotion ideas we became wildly famous and incredibly successful. Persistence and creativity are key to making an impact in the market and after years of promoting the idea of a Goodfella’s TV show there is finally one being filmed about the Goodfella’s Pizza School. So keep promoting!

Press Release: 14 December 2009
For Immediate Release

Lady Ga Ga Takes Over Goodfella’s Pizza

To say the owner of Goodfella’s (2009 International Pizza Expo Champions) from Staten Island New York is obsessed is to put it lightly. Not only has he been playing her music non-stop against his Frank Sinatra loving customers complaints but he even has what appears to be her image emblazoned on his “Special Delivery” Ford Mustang. Marc Cosentino said” It’s just an infatuation and I got hooked dancing to her latest hits with my 6 year old daughter Lily. I think Lady Ga Ga is an incredible Icon and ranks along with rocks greats. She really knows how to create an effect”. His latest creation in her honor is a Ricotta pizza that features; red suger eye shadow, kalamata olive eyes, black licorice eye lashes and fresh red pepper lips. Now that he immortalized her in pizzza he hopes the rest of his dream will come true where he is serving the star his famous Vodka Pie!

Contact info:
Goodfella’s Pizza 718-987-2422


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